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Published on Jan 20 2024 at 15:25 UTC
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Reso -- A visual logic circuit design language

Reso logo

Reso is a visual circuit design language, meant to let anybody who can draw pixel art create executable logic circuits, inspired by Redstone and Conway's Game of Life.

Installation and usage

Reso is on and can be installed with cargo:

# Compile Reso from source
cargo install reso

# Run 16 simulation steps on `reso_logo.png`, outputting to `out_xx.png`.
reso -input reso_logo.png -output out_ -numiter 16 -verbose

Alternatively, you can clone Reso from GitHub or from GitLab:

# Compile Reso from source
git clone
cd reso

# Run 16 simulation steps on `reso_logo.png`, outputting to `out_xx.png`.
cargo run --release -- -input reso_logo.png -output out_ -numiter 16 -verbose

Circuit execution

A brief description of how programs run: Wires push their signals through input nodes. There are three different colors of wire (orange, sapphire, and lime). Input nodes pass these signals to logic nodes and output nodes. Logic nodes are used to calculate the 'AND' or 'XOR' of every input signal, and push these on to output nodes. The output nodes act as one big OR gate, pushing the new signals out to wires.

The colors of different wires don't have any significance. They exist to make it easier to wire on the 2D torus, and to make it easier to keep track of the meaning of wires.