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I'm not the first person to come up with the idea of an executable, drawn-circuit!

  • Mentioned above, ashirviskas made a Rust implementation too!
  • Various cellular automata are Turing complete and can be used to build a processor.
    • Conway's Game of Life -- A Turing-complete zero-player-game. By far the most popular cellular automata. Rest in Peace John Conway.
    • Wireworld -- Another cellular automata in which it is easy to implement logic circuits.
    • Brian's Brain -- A cellular automaton similar to the previous.
  • Bitmap Logic Simulator -- I'm not sure how this works, but check it out! It's a similar idea.
  • Turing Paint and Doodle Code, which have a similar idea of "doodle-able logic circuits".
  • Wired Logic, similar to wire-world, simulating circuits in an image.
  • Lots of games:
    • Minecraft especially for redstone, an in-game resource that lets you build circuits.
    • Zacktronics, known for games which focus heavily on computation.
    • Hempuli is one of my favorite game devs, and seeing their development on Baba Is You kept my brain on the right track for this.
    • This in-browser videogame that has you build circuits and solve problems.

Projects with a similar name

Reso was influenced by redstone, esolangs, and Python. The goal was to make digital logic circuits that could be built by anybody who can use MS Paint.